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Introductions / Goodbyes / Re: G4mE's Introduction
« on: December 30, 2017, 09:18:16 PM »
مرحبا، مرحبا

Introductions / Goodbyes / Re: G4mE's Introduction
« on: December 29, 2017, 09:37:39 AM »
שלום, ברוך הבא

Announcements / Happy Holidays
« on: December 24, 2017, 10:05:44 PM »
Hi All,

From the admins @ Team-TT and myself, I wish you all Happy Holidays.

Its amazing to see where we've been over the last 10 years since the beginning of Team-BT.  We had our ups and our downs but its amazing that we are back and better then ever.

I take great pride in being part of an amazing team like this and am thankful for all the admins and players we have currently and have had over the years.

Happy Holidays.

Team-TT Owner

Introductions / Goodbyes / Re: My Introduction
« on: December 07, 2017, 04:03:04 PM »
ASalam Alecham to you aswell

Announcements / Server and IRC Details
« on: November 23, 2017, 10:28:15 PM »
Server DNS:

IRC Network:

IRC Channel: #team-tt

Announcements / Forum Rules
« on: November 23, 2017, 10:23:47 PM »
[NOTE]Please be aware that the following rules may change at any time and without warning, it is up to you to keep up to date with these. Note that some boards also contain a set of rules.
General Rules
# Rule Title Rule
Rule One Spam and Useless Posting Spamming posts on the forums that contain no useful information is not permitted. Please put effort into your posts and provide as much information as possible.
Rule Two Impersonation Players may not impersonate another player on the forums, this can lead to your account and other accounts you own being banned.
Rule Three Multi-Accounting Creating multiple accounts is not allowed. If there is a problem with the account, please notify a Head Admin or the Owners and they will assist you.
Rule Four Topic Bumping Please do not bump topics that have not been replied to in over 10 days.
Rule Five Post Boosting Purposely posting useless information to gain post count is not permitted and can lead to your post count being reset; multiple offenses may lead to a ban on the forums.
Rule Six Old Topics Any topics that are over 30 days old and are no longer active are subject to deletion or archiving.
Rule Seven Illegal Content Links to illegal or pirated content is not permitted.
Rule Eight Advertising Advertising other servers or outside websites/businesses is not allowed.
Rule Nine Offensive Offensive material such as: Racist/pornographic pictures and text is not permitted. Please be mindful of other people.
Rule Ten Respect Others Show all players and staff respect and you will get respect in return.
Rule Eleven Reporting Players and Admins When reporting a player or an admin, please keep a calm attitude and follow the correct formats provided for that section. Patience is a virtue, so do not spam IRC or in-game chats advertising your report.
Rule Twelve Double Posting You may only double post if your previous post was at least 24 hours ago.
Rule Thirteen Forum Games While forum games are entertaining, we do not allow number/word games. They are counted as spam and will be removed.
Rule Fourteen Backseat Moderating Leave the moderating to our staff. If you wish to help us out then simply click the 'Report to Moderator' link attached to each forum post.
More Info about Backseat Moderating
Rule Fifteen Posting Pictures Don't post pictures of other people without their consent. It's not funny, and it violates other people's privacy.

Announcements / Team-TT Staff List
« on: November 23, 2017, 10:20:30 PM »
Administrator Rank Admin Level Country
SkyRyder Owner 4 United States of America
Kirollos Co-Owner 4 Arab Republic of Egypt
Infamous Head Developer 4 United Kingdom
Brian Head Admin 3 United States of America
Cody Head Admin/Webmaster 3 Canada
Kemono Admin 2 Malaysia
Sweet Admin 2 Portugal

Announcements / Server Rules
« on: November 23, 2017, 10:13:37 PM »
[NOTE]Please be aware that the following rules may change at any time and without warning, it is upto you to keep upto date with these.
General Rules
# Rule Title Rule
Rule One Hacks and Mods Players cannot use any hack or mod that gives them an advantage over other players. [If you are unsure on a certain mod, ask an admin]
Rule Two Events Players are not allowed to interfere with any event that has been authorised by an in-game admin. [Each individual event has to be authorised by an admin, you can't pre-arrange X amount on the forum]
Rule Three Bug Abuse Players are to report bugs on the forum. Abusing bugs of any kind is not allowed
Rule Four Spamming and Flooding Spamming or Flooding the servers main chat or player's PM's is not allowed. Excessive use of caps is also not allowed.
Rule Five Advertising Players are not allowed to advertise in our server, on our IRC network or on our forums.
Rule Six Impersonating Impersonating other players or staff is not allowed.
Rule Seven Multi-Accounting Players may only create one in-game account and this name must be used accross the forum and IRC network aswell. If you require a name change, you can request one in the forums help section.
Rule Eight Respect Others Show all players and staff respect and you will get respect in return.
Rule Nine Reporting Players If you spot a hacker or rule breaker do not mention it in the chat box, use /report. [Be patient while the admins decide if a report is valid or not]
Rule Ten Childish Behavior We understand that alot of our players are young but childish behavior and trying to annoy people is not acceptable.
Rule Eleven No Caps Its understandable if you send 1 to 2 messages in CAPS, but don't over-do it. Sending multiple sentences in caps will result in a warn / mute.
Rule Twelve Heli Kill Players are not allowed to kill other players with helicopter blades.
Rule Thirteen Driveby Passengers (ON OR IN THE CAR) or drivers cannot driveby a player that is on foot.
Rule Fourteen Car Parking Parking your vehicle on another player to kill them or to reduce their health is not allowed on this server.
Rule Fifteen Language Players are to use the English language in the servers main chat and IRC, all other languages should be kept in private messages.
Rule Sixteen /q Jokes Telling players to type '/q' is no longer allowed on this server.
Rule Seventeen Evading Players that leave the server/kill them selfs on purpose when they are nearly arrested/cuffed/killed by an assassin or anything similar may face a ban.
Rule Eighteen Ram Abuse Players are not allowed to abuse ram on other players to bug them or make them stuck. For example, players are not allowed to ram trap players in the Pay n Spray or anything similar to that.
Rule Nineteen Bomb Abuse Wanted players or terrorists are not allowed to intentionally remain in their vehicle and die from the explosion after they have planted a bomb in it. This is just like arrest evade, as you are losing the wanted level when you die.
Police/Sheriff Rules
# Rule Title Rule
Rule One Team Killing You may not shoot at or kill any other officer. [Police or Sheriff]
Rule Two Vehicle Killing If a red, orange or yellow player is in a vehicle with an innocent player, you must warn the other players to leave before engaging, if they do not leave then they become collateral.
Rule Three Team Jacking You may not steal a vehicle from a team member whether you are Police or Sherif.
Rule Four Deathmatch Law enforcement officers are not allowed to shoot or kill innocent players unless it is for self defense.
Rule Five Cuff Abuse Law enforcement officers are not allowed to cuff abuse players. You may only cuff an innocent player if you want to search him, otherwise it is considered abuse; also make sure you uncuff directly after searching. Cuff spamming a wanted or innocent player is also not allowed and a bannable offense.
Rule Six Teaming Up Law enforcement officers may not team up with civilians.
Rule Seven Arrest/Fine Stealing If you did not cuff the player then you may not fine or arrest the player without permission from the officer that got the cuff.

[NOTE]The rules above are to be followed at all times, if they differ from the /rules command ingame this forum list is to take priority!
[NOTE]If you break any of our rules you may not be welcome on this server.

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