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Suggestions / Re: Suggestions on improving the in-game CNR experience
« Last post by Cody on December 14, 2017, 02:08:32 PM »
The server messages should be reduced some-what in 2.6
And a robbery overhaul is coming in 2.6 as well (as Infamous stated on IRC)
Suggestions / Re: Suggestions on improving the in-game CNR experience
« Last post by Sweet on December 14, 2017, 11:55:57 AM »
+1 to all. Well thought out and explained, and ideas do make sense.
Suggestions / Suggestions on improving the in-game CNR experience
« Last post by Khalis on December 14, 2017, 11:48:57 AM »

I have been on the server for more than one or two weeks now, and I have seen and imagined many things that can be further tweaked to improve the in-game CNR experience - possibly just like after the Project Blue was launched. So without further ado, here goes the suggestions:

Clause 1: Robbery system

1.1: Currently, only players who choose thief class can /rob other players. I suggest that the class itself should be removed, as it is really useless, and make the /rob [ID] command global for civilians.
1.2: /robskill value should not remain constant once a player has reached the maximum value, it should increase as a player continues to rob anything, anyone.
1.3: Rewards from robberies in low-income retail stores (Zip, Victim, Binco Clothes, Cluckin Bell, Well Stacked Pizza, Barbers, Supa Save etc) should be lowered. I suggest that the range should be from $100 to $5000. Rewards from robberies in places like Wang's Cars, Otto's Autos, Ammu-Nation, hospital, drug houses should remain the same, as the products sold by the mentioned stores are costly so realistically, the rewards from robberies should be as it currently is.
1.4: Player's /robskill should be saved in player's statistics. (Refer clause 4.1)
1.5: Petrol stations should have convenience stores that can be robbed.
1.6: As a player's robskill progresses, the time taken to rob a place should decrease. Eg: 0 > 9: 35 seconds, 10 > 19: 30 seconds, 20 > 29: 25 seconds, 30 > 39: 20 seconds, > 40: 15 seconds.
1.7: Players with high robskill (>30) can rob a bank.
1.8: Players with medium robskill (>20) can rob ATM machines.

Clause 2: Law enforcement classes

2.1: Fines, cuffs, detains and arrests should be saved in player statistics. (Refer clause 4.1)
2.2: SFPD headquarters should have an armoury room where law enforcing officers can refill their health, armour (for FBI) and weapons ammunition. To prevent abuse, this feature can only be used once in every 6 minutes.
2.3: Innocents / yellows who shoot law enforcers will be automatically orange. This is an alternative to having to use /suspect to make the shooter legal to be shot at and at the same time reduces the usage of /suspect

Clause 3: Terrorist class

3.1: Terrorist level should be recorded and saved in player statistics. (Refer clause 4.1)
3.2: Player's terrorist level should not remain constant once it reaches maximum level. It should increase as player continues to commit more terrorism acts.
3.3: There should be some more places to commit terrorism actions (/blowup). I personally suggest we should have an oil rig to blow up. It is commendable to place its location a few nautical miles off from west SF coast.

Clause 4: Player statistics

4.1: There should be player statistics that records all of the player's record when playing in the server such as terrorist level (refer clause 3.1), rape skill, rob skill (refer clause 1.4), law enforcement actions (refer clause 2.1), victims kidnapped/raped, hack skill (refer clause 6.2), hours/minutes/seconds played, admin level etc.
4.2: Cash in hand, backpack and bank can be seen in player's statistics.
4.3: Player statistics should be able to be seen by admins.
4.4: Cash, C4s and ropes stored in a player's backpack and player's cash in hand and bank can be seen in admin's view of a player's statistics.

Clause 5: Banking

5.1: Bank should be able to be robbed. (refer clause 1.7)
5.2.1: There should be several ATM machines scattered around the SF city.
5.2.2: Players can use the ATM machines to do transactions such as depositing, withdrawing their cash and checking their current account balance.
5.2.3: Civilians should be able to rob ATM machines ( refer clause 1.8 ) and will only rob the ATM machine itself, and not any other players' bank accounts.
5.2.4: Hackers can hack the ATM machine to rob another player's account (refer clause 6.2)

Clause 6: Classes

6.1: In my opinion, taxi driver, drug and weapon dealer, car jacker and medic classes are useless. Removing them and commands associated to them can save a lot of lines in the server script.
6.2.1: Add hacker class for civilians, and the hack skills will determine what a player can hack.
6.2.2: For start, a player can hack and rob another player's account of the initial player's choice through ATM machines.
6.2.3: Players with high hack skill can hack the door leading to bank vault. (just like the post-PB version)
6.2.4: Players with medium hack skill can reduce their wanted level.

Clause 7: Ammu Nation

7.1.1 (Seven elevennnn): The vanilla Ammu Nation weapons-buying system should be replaced with server-made weapons-buying system script. This can be easy to determine weapons and armour prices.
7.1.2: Rifle, sniper rifle and projectiles should be made available to buy.
7.1.3: As mentioned previously, since the weapons and armour prices can be determined, it is commendable to raise the prices a little to encourage players to play more, to earn more, to buy more. Theoretically, it is an indirect method to increase player activities in the server.
7.2: The Information centre in Downtown/Financial District/Calton Heights should be replaced with Ammu Nation store.

Clause 8: Server-side cash

8.1: In order to combat cash hacks, this could be one of the effective methods to do so: replacing the vanilla cash with server-side cash.
8.2: Any form of cash hacks, in any value should result in ban.
8.3: Admin command /setcash should be changed to adapt with the server-side cash. Don't forget this (sometimes this thing is overlooked, that's why I think it's worth to be mentioned)
8.4: Players should be able to use the /givecash command.

Clause 9: Server messages

9.1: Don't you think the server messages spam too much? Like every time I place a bomb inside a car, after I robbed a place, etc etc. Reduce them. Please.
9.2: The "extra" sentences after each robberies are so Stevo127's gamemode. I suggest that they should be removed. "[ROBBERY] [playername] has robbed $[cash amount] from [robbery location]!" should suffice.

That's all that I could manage to squeeze my brain some ideas out. I'll edit this post should I have more to suggest.

Suggestions / /suspect suggestion
« Last post by Cody on December 13, 2017, 04:30:49 PM »
/suspect - this command should be removed entirely due to the amount of abuse it is getting.

Examples of some of the abuse:
xxxx has suspected xxxx. Reason: bad words
xxxx has suspected xxxx. Reason: gay

A fix:
  • 1 - 2 wanted levels: 15-30 second jail times
  • 3 - 4 wanted levels: 60 second jail times
  • 5 - 6 wanted levels: 120 second jail times
  • 6 + wanted levels: 180 second jail times
Central Intelligence Agency / CIA Application - Syntax
« Last post by Syntax on December 11, 2017, 02:35:44 PM »
Hi, I wanna apply for Central Intelligence Agency to be a better cop. I have enough experience of being a cop, so I may be able to join CIA. My in-game name is Syntax, and I have 170+ scores in-game.

Thanks for reading my application.
Introductions / Goodbyes / Re: My Introduction
« Last post by Cody on December 10, 2017, 10:08:59 PM »
Welcome back!
Introductions / Goodbyes / Re: My Introduction
« Last post by Yamaha on December 10, 2017, 09:02:33 PM »
Hi Apase(Syntex,Swapnil). i know you and your brother...WB in Team-TT.
Announcements / Server Update (2.5c)
« Last post by Infamous on December 10, 2017, 11:28:43 AM »
This update has been on the server for a little while now, however the change log hasn't been posted so here it is.

Code: [Select]
- Converted some of the old objects to dynamic objects.
- Re-mapped Doherty Autos.
- Cleaned up some of the code.
- Removed the use of xObjects.
- Removed the Go-Kart track.
- Removed the shade screen in the donators lounge.
- Removed the website from the top right corner of the screen.
- Removed the version textdraw from the bottom left of the screen.
- Added a new logo and website textdraw to the bottom right of the screen.
- Removed hard-coded business owners for Otto's Autos and the drug houses.
- Added /about command to /gcommands. It displays the current script version and website.

The next update should be along soon.
Report a Bug / Re: Simple CIA HQ Bug
« Last post by Infamous on December 10, 2017, 11:06:16 AM »
Thank you for reporting this, I have applied a fix which will be active in the next update. (2.6)

- Topic Locked
National Guard / Re: Yamaha's Army Application
« Last post by Cody on December 09, 2017, 03:35:07 PM »
Requirements has been posted and can be viewed here:,23.msg38.html#new

This is to slow down the influx of applications.

However, I'll grant you army status once I see you in-game, since you applied before the requirements were posted.
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