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Player Report Format
« on: November 23, 2017, 02:33:29 PM »
For the title of the report please state the players name and a brief explanation of what they're being reprted for.

Please use this as your topic name.

Reporting player: Reporting [player name] - [Reason]

This will help out the admins and also the player that has been reported so they are able to find the report fast.

An example would be, Reporting Cody for Cash hacks.

The format below is the one you should use in your reports.
Also if your report is to do insults, please explain why it led to insulting as your report may not show the full story, as we will ask the other players story.

  • In-game Name:
  • Accused of:
  • Screenshot(s)/Video(s):

  • If you do not follow the topic you will get a warning to do so, so just click the modify button and copy the format above.
  • Please post proof of the reported player, else we can not take any further action on the matter.
  • Do not reply to reports unless you have something to add to it or the report is made against you.
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